Explore Longreach and surrounds via some self-guided walking trails

Mitchell Grass Retreat is just 3.5 km from the Longreach CBD. That’s far enough away to really appreciate the wide open plains and endless skies, but close enough to access all the key attractions.

For guests on the go, we’ve compiled a selection of self-guided walking trails from our retreat:

Self-Guided River Walk

Follow a 45 minute walk across the Town Common and you’ll reach the Thomson River, a perennial river that forms part of the Lake Eyre Basin.  While offering perfect camping spots along its banks, walking tracks and a ‘beach’, the river is also home to a number of species of birds, fish, turtles and yabbies.  It’s also popular for boating, water-skiing, swimming and fishing.  You have the option to extend your walk and follow the river trail into town.

  • With 48 hours notice, our team can prepare a delicious picnic lunch (from $35 for 2 people) to carry in your backpack.  Enquire here
    • Includes 2 chicken & salad wraps (vegetarian option available), 2 apples & 2 bottles of water
Self-Guided Walks from Mitchell Grass Retreat Longreach which includes a 17km and a 10km trail.