Every little bit helps….

At Mitchell Grass Retreat, we understand that sustainability is more than a trend.  Rather, it is an essential goal for our business and global community. We are continually working to improve our impact on the environment.  Here’s a few steps we have taken so far.

Eco-friendly Tent Design – reducing our environmental footprint

  • The Eco Anchor foundation system of our glamping tents delivers a small environmental footprint when compared to conventional foundation systems.
  • Our Eco Decking flooring is manufactured from recycled rice husk composite material offering natural thermal insulation. It also looks great!
  • The canvas construction holds the ambient air temperature so well it minimises power consumption. Glamping tents can be heated or cooled very efficiently.
  • As our glamping tents are prefabricated, all required materials/components are accurately manifested meaning minimal waste was left on site during construction.
  • Our glamping tents were delivered in kit form offering minimal impact compared to conventional truck haulage. They can be dismantled and easily removed if required, offering minimal onsite disturbance. Durability of product means minimal maintenance and disturbance on site.
  • The design and neutral canvas colours blend in well with our Mitchell Grass Plains environment
Glamping Tent with firepit

Energy conservation

  • We have installed solar panels to reduce energy volume from main grid.
  • LED bulbs in all light fixtures means they use 75% less energy… and last much longer.

Waste reduction & efficiency

  • Dindi Naturals Toiletries are our choice for guest ensuites.  These products are produced in small batches, by hand, using only the highest quality, bio-active, palm oil free and cruelty free ingredients.
  • Toiletries are provided in refillable dispensers, providing exactly the same quality product at a fraction of the waste produced by single bottle use.
  • We joined Soap Aid – a not-for-profit organisation committed to saving children’s lives through improved hygiene while positively impacting the environment. They reprocess and deliver recycled guest soap to disadvantaged communities in Australia and overseas.
  • We have replaced traditional mops with special microfibre mops for cleaning tents.  This means less water and less chemicals.

Supporting local suppliers

  • Breakfast basket pastries & breads are supplied by local cafe
  • BBQ pack meats are supplied by local butcher with locally sourced meats
  • We use local tradespeople for all of our onsite work
  • We package and promote other local tourism activities and tours
BBQ pack for 2
breakfast basket including pastry, fruit, dairy and more