It began as an idea over a quiet sunset drink as they surveyed the surrounding Mitchell Grass plains.

Tanya and David Neal have lived in Longreach since 2007 and from 2014 they began calling their 60 acre property, just a few minutes’ drive from town, home.

As the golden red hues changed to deep blue, they marvelled at the clarity of the outback night sky, free of town or city lights. Through these stars shining  brightly, piercing the inky darkness, a thought emerged that sparked a dream.

This is the outback we need to share! It’s about getting back to basics! Let’s create an authentic outback experience that blends seamlessly into the Mitchell Grass landscape, with a low environmental impact.

Glamping Tents ticked all boxes for three key guest benefits: technology-detox, a nature-based break and spending quality time with friends and families.

In 2020 the night sky dreaming of Mitchell Grass Retreat came to life. It’s already an Award winning experience and you are invited!

Mitchell Grass Retreat Glamping icon
Tanya and David Neal from Mitchell Grass Retreat
Row of glamping tents at Mitchell Grass Retreat at sunset


Queensland’s Mitchell grasslands represent 19% of the state’s native pasture area. The 33,800,000 hectares support approximately 15% of Queensland’s cattle herds and more than 40% of Merino sheep flocks. Between 2,500 and 3,000 people depend on employment generated by the production of beef, sheep meat and wool from Mitchell grass country.

Generally regarded as resilient to grazing and rainfall variability, Mitchell grass is a tropical, summer growing, tussock grass, that’s very adaptable to dry conditions. There are 4 species of Mitchell Grass: Curly, Hoop, Barley & Bull, with the Curly Mitchell being the most common in Central Queensland. Guests of Mitchell Grass Retreat are encouraged to visit some of our local properties to hear first-hand about living on the land.

Mitchell Grass Retreat is a proud member of the Queensland Tourism Industry Council (QTIC), a not-for-profit, private sector, membership-based organisation representing the interests of Queensland’s tourism and hospitality industry. QTIC provides a strengthened voice for tourism with a mission to influence and shape the tourism business environment in Queensland.

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